Uncharted Territory…

So, here I am, excited, a little scared and about to write my first ever blog post… I’ve been sat here for a good half an hour trying to think of what to write.

Trust me, it’s harder than you would have thought.

I guess I’ll just dive right in.

Welcome everyone!

I’m Thalia, 20 years old, studying Media Makeup with Special Effects at university. I now live in what I think is a huge city, which was a move I made to study my degree. It’s safe to say I was terrified to start with! I moved from the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the perfect family: a brother, a sister and the most incredible parents, and now find myself in this loud, busy and scary place fending for myself. I’ve taken up the hobby of talking to myself so I don’t get lonely. Promise I’m not crazy! I’m just getting used to it all.

But enough about me, this blog is about a passion of mine. Makeup.

If I can get myself in gear and remember to post; you’ll be lucky enough to see me sharing some of my university projects, work experience, and learn a little more about me, the skills that I learn and why I love makeup (I mean who doesn’t).

Wish me luck! I hope you all enjoy.

Until next time…

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