The Wrath of Road Rash

An exclusive look at my some of my university work.

For my first semester at university, I designed this casualty simulation for a special effects assessment. My character was a young girl who had be given a moped for her birthday and had crashed it on the first day getting it! The easiest way for me to create this makeup was by using sculpt gel’s. This was one of my first attempts using the product and I am really happy with how it looks!

Here are my images of my character:


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You Glow Girl

I’m back for round two…

My goodness, I hope writing these gets easier… Several days and counting and I am still struggling to form a coherent thought. I’m afraid you poor things are going to be waiting around a long time if can’t figure this website out soon!

This time we’re going to be stepping into the world of makeup, I hope you’re all excited.

Lord knows we all love to glow, to accomplish dewy skinned perfection without looking like we have dipped our face into a chip pan. A little while ago, I learnt how to master this skill. So line up ladies, I’m about to share it with you!

Goodbye oily skin, hello enviable skin.

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