‘Behind the Scenes’ Degree Fashion Show

The Degree Fashion Show, a fantastic exciting day of work experience that I will never forget. I loved every second of this high pressure, busy and glamorous behind the scenes chaos!

I was asked to be Head Makeup Designer and Artist for the Degree Fashion Show at Bradford University. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Even though I was unsure what the challenge entailed, I thought it would be fun and a great insight into the Show’s during Fashion Week that I look to for inspiration in my own work.

I was briefed by the Course Director that the Designers’ collectively wanted ‘the look to be quite natural and generic, and to be able to complement all the collections within the show.’

The first image below is the Designers’ hair and makeup inspiration image. I was sent this by the Director along with an image of two of the eighteen models so I could see the differing skin tones, hair colours and face shapes myself and the makeup team would be working on.

IMG_7007 IMG_7008

I then set out to design a makeup look entailing a really fresh base, a strong liquid or cream highlight, very structured brows, and a soft cut crease in muted warm brown tones. Once I had created the face chart, Natascha the other Head Artist went and sourced some necessary products for the look, using the extremely small budget we were given.

Here is the face chart I designed for the show after it had been approved by the Designers’, and Course Director:

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