The Merry Old Land of Oz


Today was the finale of ‘Echoes of Oz’, I hope whoever wanted to go and experience Bradford’s Magical weekend managed to.

Behind the scenes everything ran very smoothly for the makeup team despite our tutor not being there to oversee and coordinate the massive numbers of performers, and of course us. Instead she allocated her responsibilities to myself and Makala, whose also on my university course. I recommend you follow her blog! Together we managed to coordinate the team and manage all the performers so that we could complete the job effectively and make sure everyone communicated professionally and respectfully.

Even under the pressures regarding time and the quantity of both the Flying Monkeys and the Emerald Citizens we still managed to complete the makeup with plenty of time to spare before the performers call time.

The 1.30pm show was performed in the same location at the Mirror pool in Centenary Square, Bradford and all the performers similar to yesterday were from the local dance schools and clubs. Even though the performance was again, not as I expected, the costumes and makeup meant the performers really looked like they had stepped out of ‘Oz’.

Here are a few of the Flying Monkey’s in full costume and then close-ups of their makeup further below:

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 14.17.45

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We’re Off to See the Wizard

DAY 2 – Emerald CItizen’s Galore!

Here’s a peek at how the makeup for the Emerald Citizens’ looked! As you can see tonnes of green, sparkles and glitter. I think they look fantastic and the makeup stood out exceptionally well from all angles of the Mirror Pool in Centenary Square!

thumb_IMG_8156_1024 thumb_IMG_8163_1024

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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Day 1 – Munchkin Madness!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a kid again?

Today, for a small period of time, I experienced what it felt like again! Behind the scenes at the Echoes of Oz event, I was surrounded by small children determined to smear their beautifully applied face paint everywhere. And… although we spent a great deal of time following the little ones around with brushes, making sure their Munchkin faces remained in tact, everything ran very smoothly and was much less chaos than we had built it up to be! As a team, we managed to get the makeup on quickly even with the pressure of a short time scale.

The 1.30pm show was performed in the Mirror pool in Centenary Square, Bradford by all the school children! Although the show wasn’t what I had expected, (I expected more: disney style) the costumes and makeup made the children really look the part!

Here are a few of the performers in full costume and makeup below:

thumb_IMG_8108_1024 thumb_IMG_8114_1024

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All That is Oz: Munchkins, Monkeys and Emerald Citizens

As I mentioned in my last post ‘Echoes of Oz’ is a chance to promote Bradford as a strong, creative city and celebrate the talents, and skills of the people in Bradford and the surrounding areas!

Many people in Bradford are involved in making this weekend as much of a spectacle as possible, and have volunteered to help coordinate the event and create the Oz theme. Along with all these people the myself, and the other Media Makeup and Special Effects students at Bradford, have been asked to create some of the makeup looks for the performers involved in the shows.

As a group, myself and the other students have collaborated with Jenny, the artistic director from Irregular Arts, to combine our individual ideas and design the makeup. We had to create looks for 100 children from local primary schools who will be performing as the Munchkins, 100 young performers from local dance schools starring as the Emerald City Citizens, and a group of 30 young adults on bikes as the Flying Monkeys.

Our initial meeting with Jenny enabled us to gather better insight into what she wanted to achieve with the performers makeup. She gave us some key ideas and words for each group of performers, and from that we were able to create our final designs, all of which will be showcased throughout the weekend! We hope you are able to see what we have created and immerse yourself into Bradford’s Oz magic.

Here are the final designs we created for the Munchkins, Emerald City Citizens and Flying Monkeys:

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