All That is Oz: Munchkins, Monkeys and Emerald Citizens

As I mentioned in my last post ‘Echoes of Oz’ is a chance to promote Bradford as a strong, creative city and celebrate the talents, and skills of the people in Bradford and the surrounding areas!

Many people in Bradford are involved in making this weekend as much of a spectacle as possible, and have volunteered to help coordinate the event and create the Oz theme. Along with all these people the myself, and the other Media Makeup and Special Effects students at Bradford, have been asked to create some of the makeup looks for the performers involved in the shows.

As a group, myself and the other students have collaborated with Jenny, the artistic director from Irregular Arts, to combine our individual ideas and design the makeup. We had to create looks for 100 children from local primary schools who will be performing as the Munchkins, 100 young performers from local dance schools starring as the Emerald City Citizens, and a group of 30 young adults on bikes as the Flying Monkeys.

Our initial meeting with Jenny enabled us to gather better insight into what she wanted to achieve with the performers makeup. She gave us some key ideas and words for each group of performers, and from that we were able to create our final designs, all of which will be showcased throughout the weekend! We hope you are able to see what we have created and immerse yourself into Bradford’s Oz magic.

Here are the final designs we created for the Munchkins, Emerald City Citizens and Flying Monkeys:

IMG_8084 IMG_8087

IMG_8083 IMG_8086


Here are our practice applications for the Munckins, Emerald City Citizens and Flying Monkeys:

2A 5A

1A 4A


With all the designs ready, we are all very excited to take on this monster challenge, in the hopes we can make Bradford’s Oz that bit more magical!

Enjoy the weekend!

Until next time…

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 13.38.46


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