The Merry Old Land of Oz


Today was the finale of ‘Echoes of Oz’, I hope whoever wanted to go and experience Bradford’s Magical weekend managed to.

Behind the scenes everything ran very smoothly for the makeup team despite our tutor not being there to oversee and coordinate the massive numbers of performers, and of course us. Instead she allocated her responsibilities to myself and Makala, whose also on my university course. I recommend you follow her blog! Together we managed to coordinate the team and manage all the performers so that we could complete the job effectively and make sure everyone communicated professionally and respectfully.

Even under the pressures regarding time and the quantity of both the Flying Monkeys and the Emerald Citizens we still managed to complete the makeup with plenty of time to spare before the performers call time.

The 1.30pm show was performed in the same location at the Mirror pool in Centenary Square, Bradford and all the performers similar to yesterday were from the local dance schools and clubs. Even though the performance was again, not as I expected, the costumes and makeup meant the performers really looked like they had stepped out of ‘Oz’.

Here are a few of the Flying Monkey’s in full costume and then close-ups of their makeup further below:

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 14.17.45

thumb_IMG_8154_1024 thumb_IMG_8140_1024

thumb_IMG_8139_1024 thumb_IMG_8155_1024

This design look extremely effective as was easy to see from distance. With it being the final day, most of the artists had got used to the makeup designs, meaning they were able to apply them quickly and to a high standard. As you can see above, the makeup looks incredibly neat, and it  took under five minutes per performer to apply. A fantastic bonus when under the constraints of a short time scale and a huge number of performers. I worked with the first year students to work on the Flying Monkey’s, and they were absolutely fantastic, very polite, friendly and professional with the clients. I was extremely impressed in their confidence applying the makeup, and how well they took direction when I asked them to adjust their makeup applications slightly to improve how they looked.

Even though the performance’s weren’t what I had envisaged, I hope you enjoyed the show and were able to appreciate all the hard work and planning put into the weekend. If you managed to stay for the night performance, again I hope that it was more impressive and more… Disney esque!

Thank you so much if you visited Bradford to see it’s Oz Magic and that you enjoyed the atmosphere and had a fun day out! Especially if you had to chase your kids around with towels to avoid soaked through car seats, after they had splashed around in the Mirror Pool.

Until next time…

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 13.38.46


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